Jewels as a talisman

Sep 20 , 2018

Wearing a piece of jewelry is most of the time because you like the design or you like the color.
But by buying semi precious jewelry , you also choose a stone for its healing power.
Lapis lazuli has a fantastic blue , it has some golden details in it but it also a stone with power 
Choose one of our chinese talismans to bring you good luck and positive vibes 
Or choose one of our Sixtine collection pieces from bracelets to necklaces to feel the spirituality
You can also want to wear the snake symbol , we have Art Deco earrings.
Far from the dark side of the snake ,it is also the symbol of immortality and regeneration .
All these Madame Siam jewels will bring you positive vibes and good luck ,
so choose your talisman.
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