Madame Siam’s portrait

Jun 10 , 2018

Where does your inspiration come from ?
My inspiration is very wide. It comes from nature that is surrounded me , my journeys around Asia , my passion for antiques and from iconic style women.
What do you like about your job ?
I love my job because it is not a job , it is a passion. Everyday looks different. I am always hunting for new stones , for new technology and thinking about new designs.
What is your favorite stone ?
I have many but I guess I would say tourmaline because it offers many options of colors
What do you consider a must have ?
I never go out without earrings , I have hundreds of earrings in different style and they always highlight your outfit.
What is your favorite piece of jewelry for everyday outfit?
A pair of earrings , this summer I will say the peridot Udaipur earrings
What is your piece of jewelry for resort wear style ?
A boho chic long necklace, I can wear with my kaftan
I guess one of the Aga necklace will be my choice
What is your favorite piece for cocktail ?
A statement ring , Sphesa ring is the one
Your favorite quote about jewelry ?
”Jewelry is like the perfect spice , it always complements what’s already there “ Diane de Furstemberg
With 3 words , how would you sum up Madame Siam?
Elegance , timeless , wanderlust

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