Short or long necklaces ?

Apr 01 , 2019

Are you a chocker lover or a long necklace one ?
I would say that it depends on what you wear and what is your style 
V neck tops or dresses instantly put chockers on display.
As Cristina Cordula says , chockers look lovely when you wear several of them
In some collection such as LUZ , we do both designs :
chockers and long necklaces.
We even do it for earrings so just choose your favorite length .
For a long necklace ,one of our best seller is the colorful AGA necklace
It will give a gypset look to your outfit
Or you can choose our mousson collection mix with Luz necklace
And one of the chic option is The PERLA necklace
In some case you don't need to choose , you just use layering necklaces mixing all lengths
For any question , don't hesitate to contact us

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