Tourmaline are rare precious stones

May 26 , 2018

Tourmalines are getting a lot of love recently, from the bold red rubellite to the attractive teal blue/green indicolite, but no variety is more famous than the neon Paraiba
Tourmalines were always considered as semi precious stones but they are now rare precious stones.  
Their colors are magical because tourmalines come in every color of the rainbow and can also be colorless 
One of the color which is very rare is Paraïba tourmalines
These stones come from Brazil and they were discovered in the 1980´s
What make them rare is their unique color and the fact that is only one Paraïba tourmaline mined every 10 000 diamonds 
Later , some mines were found in Africa .
Madame Siam could not put aside this stunning rare stones so from earrings to necklaces , she uses the particularity of these stones .
Sixtine collection 
For a gift idea , tourmalines I’ll be perfect as it is rare , precious and multicolor.
The rainbow colors will delight any women .
And with this combination of colors, you are sure you are trendy 
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