Madame Siam

Madame Siam designs each and every piece of her jewelry collection with the beauty that surrounds her in her new homeland in Thailand and adds to it the history she has gathered in her native France.

Madame Siam brings the two worlds together in color and culture, glamour and wanderlust, layering her unique collection with semi-precious stones, pearls, vermeil, glass beads, bronze, and silver.

Madame Siam's jewelry floats on the edge of wildly romantic with sophistication, a natural grace combining simple elegance with gypset. Uniquely divine and diverse which can be worn intermittently with silks or cotton, jeans or velvet, sneakers or heels.

Melanie, the creator of Madame Siam invites you to explore the world of endless possibilities with her collection.

Our Jewels

Our fashion fine jewelry pieces are original creations made by hand in our workshop in Bangkok thanks to the savoir faire of our craftsmen. They are a mix of timeless design with a gypsychic touch. We use the singluarity of  each semi precious stones so we like to say that our jewels are unique just as you are.
Don't forget each stone has a healing power so choose yours .